Thursday, April 28, 2005

I'm Back!

It's been more than a month, and after dozens of pathetic requests from my adoring fans I decided to put everyone out of their misery and blog again. Sound alot more cocky than usual don't I? Well the reason is... DRUMROLL... i've found a job!

Yes I've been welcomed back in to the world of caffeine junkies and adrenalin addicts. Well almost. After declaring to everyone that I was going to 'do something different' I've been forced to eat my own words. Yep. I'm back in advertising. But this time I'm in a tiny shop in Hertfordshire working in an agency which has 6 permanent employees. The only other living souls around are a few sheep and some horses. Honest. I actually pass rolling green fields on my way in to work every morning. So for all those of you who think I'm working in So-Ho surrounded by sex shops and peep shows - sorry to disappoint.

So here I am. Back in advertising. Sitting around waiting for print outs and the inefficiencies of art directors who call copy the grey bits of the ad. (They're the same everywhere as are client servicing)

Like most of my fellow human beings. I'm still not happy. When I was unemployed I missed working. Now, I miss Dr. Phil, Trisha and I'm a Celebrity Get me out of here! I miss my naps and wanderings about town. The only walking around I do here is to get my own coffee!

This posting must be abruptly terminated - my art director has deleted all my copy and reponded to my ranting with a Duh?

See you guys soon.