Monday, June 30, 2008

midnight cowgirl and my last post about 2am feeds

things to do at 2am when feeding a very small creature

a kegel exercises (read importance of kegel exercises here)

b wonder which phillip treacy hat shape one's chewed nipples most resemble. i'm inclined to go with no 3 at the moment (if i had a glue gun, some sequins and feathers on hand i'd even make a phillip treacy hat out of my nipples. (no reason why one can't be fashionable post delivery. also i promise this is the last time you'll be reading the word nipple on this blog.)

c more kegel exercises (i cannot stress the importance of this)

d try to remember all the lyrics of certain annoying ad jingles then desperately try to forget them.

e some more kegels (ignore this at your own peril)

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

end of an era, etc

After almost three decades subscription to The Hindu was cancelled in our home. The Times of India now lands on the floor of our veranda with a resounding 'thwack'.


After two months of ignoring it I looked through the pages of my notebook, filled with poor handwriting and attempts at doodles ('Yenna, nee periya DaVinci-nu neneppa?' Appa once asked before I snatched the book away). Attempts at writing did not progress much beyond a Pillayar suzhi. But surely that counts?


Sunday, June 22, 2008


Kegel exercise: Contracting and relaxing of pelvic floor muscles with the aim of fortifying muscle tone and hopefully forever closing the portal door to Dimension X through which small creatures with viciously sharp gums escape and terrorise women at 2 am.

Sunday, June 08, 2008


Detachable fake smile that emits tinkling laugh to mask grinding of teeth noise. To be worn when certain Mamis remember former lactating breasts that were as abundant as the Niagara Falls and then add 'tsk tsk paal porale unakku' (milk not enough for you.)

ps. thanks to everyone for their wishes! Boot and Shoefiend doing rather well.