Tuesday, June 24, 2008

end of an era, etc

After almost three decades subscription to The Hindu was cancelled in our home. The Times of India now lands on the floor of our veranda with a resounding 'thwack'.


After two months of ignoring it I looked through the pages of my notebook, filled with poor handwriting and attempts at doodles ('Yenna, nee periya DaVinci-nu neneppa?' Appa once asked before I snatched the book away). Attempts at writing did not progress much beyond a Pillayar suzhi. But surely that counts?



SUR NOTES said...

a chennai home said goodbye to The Hindu and hello to the times of india! gasp! and here i crave that dignified paper i read in b'lore when i leaf through the photos of botoxed people singing happy birthday to each other.

Siri said...

If there is a Nobel prize for Marketing then TOI deserves to get it. They have successfully weaned away a huge populace of "serious newspaper" readers.
I personally prefer the editorial page of TOI than the Hindu :) (More because my dad used to make me read through it and then copy it neatly, in an attempt to make me brilliant and "well written" at the same time)

Krishnan said...

Really sad to know The Hindu has given way to TOI in your home. I guess TOI is here to stay but it will take much more than marketing to wean away diehard Hindu readers like me and lakhs of Chennaites.

mumbaigirl said...

Times of India...I find I have to read it, but then I long for the Hindu as well!
What's a pillayar Suzhi?

Buggotme said...

I miss times of India here in the US, the online version sucks.. indian newspapers really need to start paying attention to thier websites and keeping them up to date

luvstonz said...

Pillayar suzhi is (I think)a tamil alphabet/character that kind of resembles a rounder/curvier version of the number two - 2

When starting to write something auspicious you begin by making that mark on the header section of the sheet of paper to bring good luck and invoke the blessings of Lord Ganesha...remover of obstacles.

OK...now to the problem of your writing, or lack there of. I must admit I have been conceptualizing on writing my book...but sad to say that I have not even gotten to writing the pillyar suzhi!!!!!!!

I guess I'm waiting for the divine "Eureka" moment! I often fantasize of the moment. There will thunder and the lighting will strike and then.....I will start writing like a possesed person...so until then I'm going to rest and save my energy until then....ohh, and BTW my mom calls moi a procastinator????