Monday, November 28, 2005

It's a kind of magic

Magic. It’s about pulling rabbits out of a black top hat. Sawing people in half. It’s knowing that you picked the ace of hearts from the pack.

Or is it?

Ask most women (and please note that I say most and not all) what magic is to them and they’ll talk to you about violins playing in the background, frissons of excitement coursing down their backs, that ‘look’ from across a smoky bar. P.C Sorcar’s brand of abracadabra just doesn’t cut it anymore.

Apparently, love these days is all about magic. It’s about a je ne sais pas that’s harder to describe than the need for salmon flavoured ice lollies. (which do exist, I assure you). And it’s driving a lot of guys up the wall.

Male friends of mine in love, float along on cloud number 9 until they’re brought down to terra firma when told ‘I like you… but I just don’t feel it. You know, that feeling in your stomach?’ And there’s no point telling them that feeling in their stomach is the lunch they had at the dubious road side stall – they think it’s love.

‘What about commitment? What about friendship? A sense of humour?’ ask these men. Why do all these sterling qualities pale when compared to a light headed feeling that could have more to do with skipping breakfast than meeting Mr. Right?

Now there’s nothing wrong with wanting these things. I wouldn’t expect a woman to settle for Nine West when she could buy Manolos. But what if the Nine West shoes were great? What if they let you catch trains, run a marathon and looked great with trousers and skirts? I’d recommend giving the Nine West’s a shot.

I know girls who have said no to wonderful guys based purely on a fairytale notion of love. They hope that like Snow White, they won’t have to choose from Grumpy and Sneezy, and that Prince Charming will come one day. And who’s to say he won’t?
But remember girls, if Mr. Prince Charming is a no show – don’t go looking for Grumpy or Sneezy. They’ll be with a girl who knows that most magic tricks are illusions. And that real love can’t be pulled out of a hat.


VC said...

WOW! Are you actually hinting that women should "settle"!!!

Mridula said...

No, I don't think so, I think she is saying for everyone love may not mean a light headed feeling that could have more to do with skipping breakfast than meeting Mr. Right?

No, she is hinting that sense of humor counts more than light headed feeling and I agree.

I really enjoyed the lines I have quoted above.

And don't even talk about violins. My husband started playing one at the age of 23 and now he is approaching his 8th grade exam.

Thank god he is a software professional otherwise. And heaven forbid when he tries a new tune. The whole house feels haunted for a week or so. And people want violins to play in the background? They don't know what it is really like ;)

velvetbabe said...

o great writing here!

the markets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
it would be HORRIBLE if little places like that get wiped out--all the charm is gone--that kind of development is happening in mexic when I go down to see my little brother there--he loves it of course--but I? NO!

it's the charm of the place--that was beautiful writing!!!!!!!! and this one is too!


ahhhh the magic......
that is falling in love! if only it could last!

... said...

I totally agree with you. The thing I love the most about him is that he makes me laugh...a lot! I think that is very important for me since I am going to spend the rest of my life with him.

Anjali said...

oh, I'd take a sense of humour over romantic ballads any day ... do you think it's something to do with (shudder) age?

shyam said...

If there's any "settling" to be done, it should be for something/someone real and dependable, not airy-fairy ideas of romance got from mushy books.

If you ask me, getting a bouquet of roses everyday as a "romantic" gesture would pall, especially if there are no practical/helpful gestures - but to have my husband do the washing-up or tidying if there's a favourite programme I want to watch, or a book to read... now THAT is not only romantic, it's thoughtful as well! :)

Sakshi said... made me upset with this post. i mean..i was happy dreaming away of my prince charming...and you just put a bucket of cold water on my face....ahhhhh !!

But on a serious are very right ! Thats why at times I feel 'Arranged Marriages'(these days) aren't all the bad...families make sure that the 'guy' belongs to a good family and is well qualified and has a decent bank balance. So we should feel less scared of this concept.

I mean, NOT all are lucky enough to bump into their prince charming or times we need others help to find them.

sinusoidally said...

Very nice post. I agree with it. Love is hard to find as it is these days what with being busy and having no time to meet anyone. Many of my girlfriends (looking for soulmates) reject boys attributing it to 'no spark' after a couple of dates. Given some time even a nine west could mould on as the sexiest pair off of the collection of Manolos. I think.

Sujatha said...

Been on both sides, i.e., found my Prince Charming and been married to him for 13 years this December. I can tell you from personal experience that after the butterflies flit away and the strains of the violin fade out, it's the laughter that will sustain the daily grind. We talked non-stop in the years before we got married and the only time we are not chattering away is when we're fighting.

TomCruiseChellum said...

Where are you tdu? Why the silence on a subject like this?
TC is a little too old to comment on this.
By the way where can I find a French dictionary on the net?

Übermaniam said...


Übermaniam said...

Still yawning. Ah well, okay, at least the writing was nice.

Haridas Dave said...

Yeah, like in the animated movie Shrek, instead of prince charming she had to settle for a ugly looking Ogre, but ultimately she found that he was a wonderful human being. So girls, better to let that feeling of Prince Charming alone and find someone is more of a nice person. Looks are not gonna be there tommorrow, but emotions and love has to be !!!! If he is your prince charming, he may intend to be for someone else tooo !!!! You dun want that happening, do you ???

the cowlick said...

you write really well! amazing post! and yes, sense of humour over any sort of invisible bells that go off in heads..

The ramblings of a shoe fiend said...

Hello! Well if so many women are agreeing with the thoughts penned here - I guess my male friends are looking in all the wrong places!Any of you single and ready to mingle? I know some great guys ;)

Sakshi said...

Me...Me...Me !!! :)

krishna rautela said...

hmm.. just this morning i was reminiscing about "a bridge across forever" how it held me in good stead for a long time in life. but then one can wait only that long :)..

better to be clear headed then light headed

Rahul said...

What guys, shoefiend, what guys? :)

Rahul said...

Hell. The last four comments had smileys.

sapphire said...

shoe fiend why didnt i read this before lol
btw u sed ur good frends need some...ahem
me me me a la sakshi :)
n ya nother post me 2 used dad's "gifted diaries" as my stationery and was absolutely in love with the idea of it... still am :)

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