Monday, June 12, 2006


We don’t have much time together. Just a few fleeting moments of togetherness before you are whisked away. I want to make the most it, but am so busy telling myself not to squander our time together that I do just that. I want to stand there and bask in your glory. Absorb every particle of your being in to my skin and soul. Instead I cower in the shadows and feel sorry for myself.

‘I’m here now! Make the most of it’ you say. But all I can think of is what it will be like when you are gone. Cold and desolate. All I can think of is how I will miss the feel of you against my skin. I sullenly reach out and as our fingers brush a warmth spreads over me.

‘Stay a little longer’ I beg. ‘Just a few more months.’

‘You always do this’ you chide. ‘You know I’ll be back’

We hold hands one last time, and as you pull away the air becomes cooler.

Goodbye summer.

(I know summer has just begun. But this is definitely how I’ll feel once this glorious season has come to an end. And my sincere apologies for not replying to any of the comments in the previous post. I fully intended to, but kept putting it off. And then didn’t. SORRY!)


that girl in pink said...

hi shoe fiend! you had me going there for a while with your separation anxiety post about summer. :)
isn't it amazing how the same thing can be so coveted and so hated in two parts of the world?
hope you're enjoying the sunny days. :)

sudha said...

:) nice - I could so correlate that to my early morning showers.

MumbaiGirl said...

I know exactly how you feel. I want to catch it and trap it-the heat, the sunshine, the sweat, and never let it go.

the wannabe indian punkster said...

I feel the exact same way about winter, Shoefiend.

I dont know why, I live in a place where it's winter for eight months and Ive grown to love it.

Im just strange like that, I know.

Sunil said...

actually........long winters aren't that bad.....if you think about the nice summer that'll follow :-))

(not quite summer here yet).

Prerona said...

ok. atlast there's someone else in the world who cries at 'hello' thinking ahead to 'goodbye'!


thank you!

but i dont like summer ... waiting for fall ...

but i like the waiting

sweet anticipation

shyam said...

Hmph, cant say I love summer at the moment - too much nasty pollen around making hayfever an absolutel misery. I think I'm awaiting the autumn! :)

The ramblings of a shoe fiend said...

girl in pink: :) grass is greener and all that right?

sudha - :D

mumbaigirl - looks like someone heard me and sent in the rain!

indian punkster - i'm very anti-winter. which is somewhat a problem because it's 8 months winter here too. maybe i'll change. not

sunil - i pretty much spend all winter thinking of summer. and it only makes me more grouchy. :(

prerona - you too? i'm always mopey at the start of holidays because all i can think of is that it will be over soon

shyam - get well soon!