Thursday, October 05, 2006


A guest post by Sri Tom Cruise Chellam (with lots of Tamizh bits)

A leisurely stroll down Kennedy Street from Luz Chruch Road will bring you to Oliver Road. Take a look at the ground in front of the last three houses on the right hand side. You will see some of the most amazing kolams. Amazing because of the very high level of geometric precision and artistry that go into creating them.

If you are a sufficiently early bird, you might even get to see the Mamis trying to outdo one another – their lips moving as rapidly as their hands. Reviewing the sundal they got yesterday and where they are headed this evening. A few days ago the conversation went something like this

M1 : Enna mami, kolamellam pottachu polirukku
M2 : Mudiyala thaan. Enna pannarathu Navarathriyache. Podama irukka mudiyuma?
M1 : Amam, amam. Nan sitha late.
M1 : Kappiyacha?
M2 ; Chettha munna than aachu. Podi vere vela eathiputtan antha Leo kadangaran
M1 : Ongathu milk cooker chattame kekkalaye
M2 : Oh ! Athuva. Milk cookerukku oru remote control earpadu pannitten
M1: Ennathu? Milk cokkarukku remote controla? Enga kedakkarathu? Saravana storsilaya Thangavel Nadarlaya?
M2: Athu kadelayellam kedakkathu
M1: Pinne?
M2: Enna mami, ithu kooda theriyadah? Enga aathukkarar than. Milk cooker whistle adicha, hallila okkandundu avara koopittu adha setha simmila veyyungo pen. Avarum poyi atha simmila vechiduvar
M1: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

sooper post....

J. said...

maybe a translation please? or will it be lost?
p.s. love this blog but wish there weren't so many "Tamizh" words. I don't really expect you to change for a "target audience" - it's your blog after all. Just a little wish of mine.

S said...

super super super.....too good,great to see TCC start with a bang!!

ggop said...

Some photos of the kolams would have been great!
That mami is one shrewd woman ;-)

noon said...

Cool, guest appearance by Sri TCC like in a TV sitcom! ;)
Enjoyed the post - love the mylapore mami lingo - so charming!! I feel inspired to write a mm post! :)

Jane Sunshine said...

Apadi podu maami.

Nandu said...

Brilliant, I can almost see the sarees and nose-rings...:)

Sachita(india) said...

Can totally imagine this. Who is tom cruise chellam.

enigma said...

good one, some memories came flying back!

Chakra Sampath said...


Anonymous said...

வீட்டுக்கு வீடு வாசப்படிங்கறதை அருமையா சொல்லியிருக்கீங்க