Tuesday, November 13, 2007


I am seated in another's chair
Brushing away strands of his silvery hair

I am bored so I chew my nails
and throw the crescents in a pail

It's not yet lunch but my stomach rumbles
thinking of luscious raspberry crumbles

My ideas have been turned in to turd like lumps
who shall save me from this dump?


lekhni said...

Lovely poem. And er, shouldn't it be "luscious" instead?

The ramblings of a shoe fiend said...

oops! thought i'd corrected that before hitting publish!

lekhni said...

I can relate to that :) I seem to find a hundred reasons to edit my posts right after I press "Publish". Why, oh why, do I never think of these before?

And while on this, do visit my blog and tell me what you think! My blog is new and suffering from that old disease - many lurkers but no comments.. I love the readers but I wish I knew how I was doing..

small talk said...

:) cool!

Anonymous said...

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starstruck said...

I like it! Your poem, that is. Try on your 'other' shoes and strut when bored! or keep writing... it's lovely!