Tuesday, December 04, 2007


The squirrels here are different from the ones back home. Back home they are tall, lean and hungry. Their long whip like tails flicking about, decorated with three white stripes. Here they are short and rotund, their bushy tails sans decoration resembling my father’s shaving brush from long ago. The squirrel outside my window would not look out of place in a top hat and coat, monocle perched precariously, gold fob peeking out. He is unmindful of the fine, steady drizzle and the pigeons that hobble-bobble around him. Perhaps he is looking for his lost white stripes.


Shyam said...

Is the weather driving you nuts? :) Or are you just feeling squirrelly for no reason? Ok, bad wordplay but couldnt resist. Not terribly sorry either. :)

yeggi said...

The English squirrels never earned those stripes becuase they were not involved in building the bridge to Sri Lanka

Lekhni said...

Is that a red or a gray squirrel? I am guessing you are talking about a gray (not a UK native but a U.S. import). The gray ones here in the US are very bold and not very good-looking. The red squirrels (native to India, the U.K. and most other countries) are shy and so much better looking.

The NYT had a long and interesting article on how red squirrels in the UK are vanishing rapidly:


kb said...

shoefiend , you miss home a lot , right?

Ahiri said...

"looking for his stripes " -
Cute !!

Did the drizzle wash it away ?

Supriya Kalidas said...

Hi Shoefiend,
I'd like to get in touch with you regarding using one of your stories in a student publication.

Could you email me at supriyakalidas@gmail.com? Thanks!