Saturday, December 16, 2006


Soaked in rain and dried by the sun. A buttress to the slender, curved backs of lovers as they sigh against you, leaning away from the world’s prying eyes. A refuge to those that seek to escape the heat, wrapping themselves in the sparse folds of your cool shadow. The faithful walk by whispering, singing and pleading. My hand brushes against your ancient soul. Tracing the chiselled lettering I push my finger in to the tiny canals carved in your body. Vowels and consonants. Su. Na. It.
I wonder what you have seen - mutely witnessing the passage of time.

(Today's 100 words. Inspired by this.)


Terri said...

Very nice - especially the last line. I have always wondered the same myself.

Anonymous said...

Excellent as usual :D

sorry for not mailing before but was down with a fever so thought would postpone it till after the Italy trip...Am back in London on the 26th...we have to meet up then!

Vi said...

I wish I could read Tamil well (can read a few letters but never can string them together).