Friday, March 30, 2007

Plunger please

A block seems to have formed. Odd phrases, words and character sketches have congealed in to an unrecognisable mass lodged in some u-bend of the mind, refusing to budge. ‘I thought we were friends’ I plead. ‘Come on, move why don’t you?’ ‘I created you!’ I thunder ‘I can destroy you too’. I can hear them smirk and giggle among themselves.

‘I don’t need you. There are others better than you – you’re a dime a dozen.’

But there are no others.

So I wait, pen in hand.

(I know, there's nothing more boring than someone writing about writer's block. Say that fast 10 times)


TomCruiseChellum said...

TomCruiseChellumBlock means in some sense a congestion. So one needs to decongest. Some kind of an expectorant. Benadryl, perhaps; or Robitussin.
In Amrika, Robitussin comes in at least four different flavours.
Meditate, contemplate, do transcendental meditation; go for a long walk in Hyde Park whatever.
Or refer to Dr SFK Baspam who is an authority on this problem

MW said...

Just blogging is making a dent. Keep at it :)

venkat said...

maybe you could take a stab at Flicktion?
[stories based on flickr photos]

karrvakarela said...

Hi Shoefiend,

So here's a question: what comes first - the words or the idea?

Ricercar said...

i have a blogger block ... :)

Charu said...

is a constant state with me these days... my advice is to not stop writing. when in doubt, link :)

The ramblings of a shoe fiend said...

TCC - Please pass on Dr SFK Baspam's details

MW - That's what I hope!

venkat - Will def check out the link! Thanks.

Karrvakela - Usually the idea. But some people say that when you're stuck you should just write anyway and that something may come of it.

ricercar - I shall pass the plunger on when I'm done with it

Charu - :) A little link love is good for the soul!

Ravages/CC said...

On the subject of writer's block...But I am surprised YOU are, er, blocked. hmmmm