Sunday, July 29, 2007


I was suitably wired up thanks to copious amounts of coffee before the story reading at Foyles on Friday night. Like some bad actor in an equally bad sitcom I kept tugging at the collar of my shirt and asking everyone around me 'Is it hot in here?'
But the intimate audience of forty that sent out friendly, non threatening vibes, and the presence of friendly faces in the audience, including my husband and a friend from my writing group, put me at ease. I'll link to the story when it goes up on the decongested site. Those of you that came, thanks so much. It meant alot to me!


mumbaigirl said...

As I said, yours was the best.

TomCruieChellum said...

"Is it hot in here?"
Better still "It is hot in here innit?"
More gora
Well done
Is this what they call Katha kalakshepam in Londres ?

WA said...

Congratulations Shoef. Don't know about you, but I took great pride in telling people that a friend of mine was reading her short story at Foyles. I thought it was really cool. Thanks