Monday, July 09, 2007

Podding along

80GB is a lot of space. And lets face it, I don't have enough music to fill 80 GB - it's not like I'm not trying... every other week I head to our local library and return home arms loaded with books I have every intention of reading (I will too finish Anna Karenina before I turn 30)and a selection of Cd's. At 45p a pop it's a great way to try new music or as some like to say 'broaden my 80's nostalgia cluttered horizons'. If I hate what I've got out... it's OK. It only cost me about half a quid. Add to this limewire (it is legal right?) and I'm slowly but surely filling every little byte my Ipod has with music.

To aid my mission I recently turned to the services of the Itunes PodDirectory, as many of you know a pretty comprehensive listing of podcasts. So for the last couple of weeks I've been ignoring some of the maestros on my Pod and have turned me ears (and eyes) over to these guys

Books on Guardian Unlimited
Some great author interviews here plus serialisation of Wolf Brother by Michelle Paver (which I am yet to listen to)

Penguin Podcast

Interesting podcasts that look at trends in publishing, features soon to be published Penguin books and interviews with authors and publishers.

The New Yorker
Short stories featured in the New Yorker read aloud by well known authors with an interesting q&a session at the end. But I really love the animated cartoons - some of them are great!

Mark Kermode's film reviews

Just listen to his 20 minute rant against Pirates 3 and you'll know why he's so good.

From our own Correspondent
BBC Radio 4 correspondents from across the world report on the stories that don't make it to the front page news. Always interesting.

Woman's Hour
Also from BBC Radio 4, Woman's Hour covers everything from breast cancer to Nancy Dell'olio to rows over mums dropping kids off at school in their PJ's.

And here a few new ones I've just subscribed to today. Can not vouch for them as I haven't seen or heard any of them yet, but do check them out

Tate Shots
Vodcast from the Tate Modern looking at what else - modern and contemporary art.

Suggestion or links to other podcasts are welcome.

All links are for podcast urls.


Nandhu said...

i am not an ipod user. i need help on how to use this. all the links lead to the itunes website, and then i do what?

thanks in advance for taking the trouble.

The ramblings of a shoe fiend said...

Download itunes on to your computer (if you don't already have it), click on the itunes store link and then podcast link. There's a podcast directory there where you can find all these podcasts. Alternatively, once you have itunes on your computer you can just click on the links provided and the corresponding podcast's info will open on itunes. Or, you can listen to some of these podcasts on the prodcuer's website - for eg. Guardian, Penguin and Mark Kermode's (BBC Radio 3) podcasts are all available on the resp. official websites.

30in2005 said...

You do know that your ipod capacity and space must equal your computer space cos that is where it really lives.....or have I got it all wrong....

Anand said...

Shoefie: Radio 4's In Our Time has been on my subscription list for a long time
Others on my list include
Radio 4 Choice
Radio 4's Front Row Interview
Radio 3's Arts Talk

And this one, you'll love. KPBS' A Way With Words

Plus if you're interested in any more of the geeky things I like, I can send links for classical music, science, maths, and sci-fi podcasts your way!

DoZ said...

A fellow Kermodian! Yaay! I can't get enough of the good doctor myself. I don't care too much for the vodcasts though - it's tough enough to keep a straight face at work with kermode on your ear phones...

??! said...

lady...limewire ain't legal. no P2P network is.

The ramblings of a shoe fiend said...

30in2005 - I'm thinking of getting an external hard drive to accomodate :D

Anand - I love Front Row interview! Thanks for the other links,,, and interesting podcast reccos are always welcome!

doz - :D He's brilliant isn't he? I'm always laughing like some maniac on the train...

?!? Limewire? what limewire...