Monday, July 18, 2005

He said She said

She Said " Which one looks better on me - the black or the red?"

He Said "Ummm... they both look nice to me"

She said " So should I take both of them then?"

He winced " Do you really need two ... take one"

She said " OK so which one... the black or the red?"

He said " Ummmm... they both look nice to me"

Moral... One would get more help shopping from a Lhasa Apso than from a spouse

And in other news the London Underground has united for a new cause - Harry Potter and the half blood prince! Everyone's reading it.


Doggeroo said...

You have it good. My dear spouse tells me to buy both in such circumstances.

Which really doesnt help.

Who'd want two of the same in different colors? Id rather he said " You look radiant in red...but buy something else 'bout these trousers?"

Anonymous said...

Meow. Only people who are loaded go shopping and are caught in the mire of choice. Like Hobson's. Like the donkey caught between two stacks of hay equidistant from the place it was tethered.
If you dont have manna, you dont have to go shopping and then, hey presto, you dont have to choose.
More to the point, when the spouse says both are nice, look at his face. His face will reveal more than his words.
You know who

Mali&Madhu said...

I think I have to write about doggeroo's comment. Henceforth, I shall decisively pick the one doggerro dislikes and then plump for "Don't buy either, since you like one and i like the other".

Talk about having your cake, eating it too and then complaining about how oversweet the icing is...

krishna rautela said...

i guess lhasa apso with credit limit as big as size of the continent would be better suited for a spouse or a shopping partner...:)....
u choose becoz u have to pay, i guess if it was for free one wouldnt have to put up with making choices