Thursday, July 14, 2005

Tic toc

Does time fly when you're having fun? The two hours since my last post seem like the longest in my life. No sorry, the longest two hours of my life were on a road trip to Tirupathi, when I really really needed to answer the call of nature, but couldn't find a single toilet suitable for living beings. If even the flies won't go in you know it's bad news. Sorry if that was too much information.

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Anonymous said...

Right now in Luz Avenue in Southern spice land, time has decided not to fly.
One mami writing in the pattar journal has exhorted all similarly placed over the hill mamis to take up some study and go at it with ferocious intent. To keep themselves busy.
That could hold well for 60ish mamas also The undersigned mama has short listed the following as subjects of pursuit
1. Cooking
2. Tantric arts
I am being interrupted by my mami I will write more later