Tuesday, July 05, 2005


The first six months of 2005 have gone by and I looked over my list of resolutions (yes I'm quite anal about these things and write them down lest I'm bumped on the head and get amnesia - you never know). Of the things on my rather long list I was pleased to know that I had ticked many of them off - get a job, learn a new language. Ok that's 2 not some - but it's better than 0 which is what most people have managed. With six months to go I realised that it was time to get started on the other things on my list - get fit, learn how to salsa, stay in touch with friends and family,etc. So today I'm off to the gym to get a membership! So to those of you reaading this - a gentle reminder to GET OFF YOUR ASS AND ACTUALLY SEE ONE OF YOUR NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS THROUGH.

(Wouldn't I be a great Good Samaritan phone counsellor?)

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