Friday, August 03, 2007

guilty as charged

the guilt of not writing is worse than the guilt: of eating three chocolate bonbons too many and not jogging for a whole week and going to sleep with your make up on and eating a whole tub of ben and jerry and pretending like you can't see the guy who's selling a Big Issue and not getting up for the pregnant lady because you stupidly wore high heels that have not been broken in and then assuage your guilt by convincing yourself that she's probably not pregnant and that if you did offer her your seat she would get affended the guilt of not writing is worse than: saying you have a headache when you don't and not answering phone calls from friends because you're watching Frasier or reading Harry Potter and watching bad reality shows and pretending like you don't and serving paneer butter masala from M&S and passing it off as your own and lying about who ate the last chocolate bon bon.


J. Alfred Prufrock said...

So you want to spread the happiness? Gah.


Charu said...

what about the guilt of writing rot rather than not writing at all? stop, shoefi.

Neha said...

tragic but true. i have a cupboard + garage + trunk full, if anyone needs to share.

Falstaff said...

Nice. And so true.

You may not have realized this yet, but there's an opportunity there. You can use writing as a way of justifying some of the lesser guilts. I, for example, spent a year where I wouldn't let myself eat a chocolate cookie unless I'd put in at least a couple of hours of writing. It was one of the most productive years I've had.

scout said...

i've used falstaff's technique.

only it wasn't two hours of writing per cookie, it was one paragraph worth of writing per cigarette.

which explains quite a bit. about the quality of the writing AND the lungs.

Jasmine said...

Hmm.. Falstaff's technique sounds interesting.

The ramblings of a shoe fiend said...

JAP - misery loves company etc etc :)

charu - i think it's better to keep writing actually... some good will always come of it

neha - :)

falstaff - that would be possible only if i had some self control when it comes to chocolate... though i will try it.

scout :) I don't know what's worse - a chocolate bon bon or a cigarette addiction

jasmine - do let me know if it helps!

Sunil said...

but how do you lie about eating the last chocolate bonbon? Whom do you blame? (a problem that has bothered me for years.....since I eat the last *everything*, and usually happily say "I did it")