Tuesday, August 14, 2007

i heart raymond carver

I'm dipping in and out of this collection of Raymond Carver stories. The stories are not very long, but he manages to reel you in, often in the first few lines. The characters are fascinating, and I am often left wondering about them long after I have read their stories. I love these small glimpses in to people's lives and thoughts. He hints at the past, suggesting things or planting ideas in your head. If he were alive, I would be his groupie.


Falstaff said...

Join the club.

Actually, I take that back, you need to read the collected short stories and the collected poems before you're allowed to attain groupie status. :-)

mumbaigirl said...

I read Carver when I was too young to read him I think. But I did enjoy the stories, though they terrified me a bit.