Tuesday, October 09, 2007

overheard on the all stations to moorgate last evening

Violet haired girl with many piercings and a Care Bear backpack (you can't make these things up) gets on the train at Hadley Wood. Her phone rings.

"No, I don't want to meet Alex, he's a twat. No offence an all. Just don't like im"

Conversation at other end (CAOE)

"Yeah but... no I don't want to"

More arguing on whether to meet with friend and Alex the twat. Sudden sharp intake of breath.

"What she slapped you?"


"Where? Around the face?"


"I can't believed she slapped you? where?"


"No not that where, as in where? around the face? Did she slap you around the face? No I get that, but where? Around the face."


"God I can't believe she slapped you around the face. Bitch. Who does she think she is? I can't believe that. You don't go slapping people around do you? No it's wrong, that's what it is. You don't slap people period. she's going to get slapped one of these days. I might do it"


mumbaigirl said...

Conversation I heard between two women on the tube:
W1: I don't like plants and flowers
W2: Yeah, me neither
W1: I like cactus
W2: Me too. I love them!

Terri said...

shoefiend, you've closed comments to your next post, but I wanted to say that it's one of your best posts! And thank you for brightening your blog again with the template change. If the font were a little larger, I'll be in heaven.

Anonymous said...

This is a comment to the next post, which you havent enabled comments to.

Just want you to know that there are people who, for lack of courage, circumstances etc are unable to do exactly what you did. Quit a paying job and write full time. And every day is a tinge of regret.

And the bigger loss will be when that tinge of regret, too, is buried away and not felt.

You are living. Live. Live for all of us.

WA said...

Wow the template is lovely, like it a lot.

ahiri said...

OOO lovely look !!!

hahaha nice post.reminds me of Catherine Tate but
"was she bovvered ?"