Wednesday, October 17, 2007

smells like kate moss

I kind of get the whole 'buy Stella McCartney/Karl Lagerfeld/Victor & Rolf for less' thing. Some women want to feel like they're wearing designer clothes without having to fork out the down payment for a small house. I find it a lot harder to understand 'let's queue outside H&M/TopShop from 5:00am to buy aforementioned clothing lines' but then maybe some people think it's a fun thing to do. Or maybe they're addicted to recreational drugs. I also understand using a celebrity for endorsing your brand, though I personally have never wanted to go out and buy Himalaya Herbal Oil because Govinda tells me to.

But what I really don't understand is celebrity 'designed' clothing and perfumes. The idea that by wearing an outfit Kate Moss 'designed' you will somehow be magically transformed in to Kate Moss is a preposterous one, yet so many people buy in to it. Are women that unhappy with the way they look and smell? I want to meet the people who are buying Heidi Klum inspired bags from Accessorize, Penelope Cruz's favourite jacket from Mango and Shilpa Shetty's perfume (imaginatively called S squared) and ask them WHY? Desist! Stop trying to look like these women, you never will. Even with reconstructive plastic surgery. And stop buying their perfumes. They all smell terrible, I know this as I am constantly sprayed with Love Kylie and Covet every time I walk by the perfume counter of a department store. Whatever happened to classic scents? The ones our mothers wore and that we sneakily spritzed on to ourselves when she was out. Anais Anais, Chanel No 5... even the overpowering 80s power trip smell of Opium is better than smelling like Britney Spears(eww btw). And are these women's lives really so much better than ours that we aspire to them? Let's see, a supermodel in an on again off again destructive relationship with a cokehead musician, a ex pop princess who shaved her head off and frequently walks in to public urinals barefoot... why do we think they have it better than we do?

Me, I'm sticking to the Opium. The shoulder pads I assure you have been relinquished.


Shyam said...

I've said this before - but I do like a good rant! :D

I also dont believe for a nanosecond that the designs/perfumes/whatever are original to the famous person whose name they bear. There must be ghost-designers, like ghost-writers.

WA said...

Burst out laughing when I read the Govinda part :)

Anonymous said...

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~ Ms. Cute Pants ~ said...

Good for you! I know what you mean about being smart about what you buy & wear.
Hey, I'm not ashamed to shop at Walmart! If it looks good, I'll buy it!
Oh, & I like the new blog design!

Anonymous said...

OK! I am definitely not too fond of the new colours! A little too yellow.

(too much trouble to sign in now)

Vi said...

In reality, if Kate Moss had a clothing line out, it'd be only fit for chihuahuas. Literally.

And small French poodles, perhaps.

Anu said...

Puhleeze change this orangey-starry - giving me a headachy template - pretty please???

Chrisann said...

well stella in two peony is pretty darn good
*sheepish grin*

Aarthi said...

Laughed at the shoulder-pad/opium comment. Clever!
Personally, Opium is way over the top for me. I have to spritz a puff and walk under it(Kramer-like)...thats just about the only way I can not assault everyone's olfactory
My significant other loves I save it for a rare winter night out.