Sunday, July 27, 2008

long distance drishti*

'You look terrible...look at those dark circles under your eyes. You were fine till yesterday... Ssss... your forehead is so hot. It's all kannu*... what else can it be? You were glowing I say... everyone has been saying that. Why, even your Chitti in Delhi saw those pictures you sent her and went on and on about how healthy you looked. I'll tell Anbu to buy a big pooshnikkai in the evening. "

'Yes, yes you're right' she agrees nodding her head in agreement 'It's all kannu'. And eight appams, four kozhakattais and three mullu murukku. And two servings of arisi uppuma.

*drishti,kannu - evil eye


ss said...

just posted something along the same lines :)

shyam said...

Showoff! :)

neha vish said...

Showoff you are. I think I am going to add a month or more of feasting to the list of "reasons to have a baby".