Friday, October 14, 2005

things that shocked me

Here in no particular order are things that either shocked me, surprised me or made me go 'Oh!'

1. Islamic Law states that rape must have male witnesses who are willing to testify that it was rape and not consensual intercourse

2. Charlotte Church's new hair cut got on the front cover of the Daily Mail - deemed more important than the Asian Earthquake

3. The Turbine Hall at The Tate Modern has a new installation by Rachel Whiteread. Called EMBANKMENT, it consits of 14,000 casts of the inside of different boxes. And looks like this. I have decided to ask the Tate to commission an installation of my used tissues. I too believe it will invoke a sense of mystery as to what the balled up wads of tissue contain.

4. The girls in my office apologise for everything. 'Oh Sorry can I borrow your pencil?' 'Sorry but can I brief you about something?' 'Sorry but would you like some Tea?'. But they refuse to apologise for their incompetence and very existance.

5. Sometimes I spend an entire 1 hour train journey thinking about things, but when I try and remember what I was thinking about I can't.

6. Japanese women apparently spend 45 minutes twice a day, so that's 90 mintues ie an hour and a half on massaging cream in to their faces.

7. If you key in the words 'woman and guilty' on - a picture search engine - you'll find that most images are of women stuffing their face with cake, standing on a weighing scale or eyeing fried chicken. The runner up was of women in bed with men - implying that she was cheating on someone. There were hardly any images of women in jail or standing trial.

8. That many of you have actually continued reading this posting in the hope that I may actually have something intelligent to say at the end of it all. Which I don't.


krishna rautela said...

i saw the embankment... i guess the artist would have luaghed all the way to the bank on unilevers expense!!
but poor people, they will have to suffer this gift box mosntrosity :)

Shyam said...

Heehee @ No.8. But Shoefiend, intelligence isnt always necessary - but readability is :)

Modern "art" completely baffles me. Used tissues might work as an exhibit, though... after all, hasnt someone exhibited - er.. used items of personal hygiene - as contemporary art? ugh.

On a less disgusting note, have you seen the new Bullring in Birmingham? I bet some architect is laughing his way to the bank for getting paid for THAT monstrosity!

TomCruiseChellum said...

After reading point no 8, all that i want to say to disappointed (cheated?) readers is
"Nicely want, nicely want"
This translates nicely into Tamil
So if you dont know Tamil, it might surprise you/shock you et all

MumbaiGirl said...

Really enjoyed the post-your "ohs" of surprise are for completely intelligent reasons!

charu said...

hmmm, intelligent, don't know... interesting yes:)
the girls at your office cracked me up - here we have a less polite term, "secy types"

Anonymous said...

I'll take number seven. Definitely number seven.

- Rahul