Thursday, January 26, 2006

neither here nor there

From my window i see

Green marzipan
Dusted with icing sugar.
Frosted golf green for dessert


I am warm
In this by now familiar womb
Comforted by the soft dark shapes that surround
I know it’s time to leave but
I don’t want to
Not yet
I am just getting comfortable

A great big heave
A headless voice
And I am pushed out
Silently kicking and screaming
In to the cold

My station has arrived

Musical Chairs

They shuffle uncertainly
To a noise that has over time
Become music
It comes to a sudden stop
And a confusing scramble ensues
No one playing by the rules
‘Cheater’ hangs unspoken in the air
glares strain the eyes of the disgruntled
The train pulls out
And those standing continue to play
But never by the rules


Terri said...

Poetry usually eludes me - I make no bones about it. Even if I reread verse a dozen times, I never usually "get" it.
But I totally "got" poem no. 2 on the first try and loved it!

shub said...

i'm pretty much in the same boat as terri (too dense for poetry types :D )

but these were simple and naiiice :)

mumbaiwallah said...

Can we have some more please? :)

... said...

Ummmmm...marzipan tortell...would love to have one now.

I feel so badly that I didn't get the third one :-(

1$ Saint said...

lolz...gud 1...
miss you :(

Shyam said...

Loved 'em :) Esply the first one!

The ramblings of a shoe fiend said...

Terri & Shub - Most poetry flummoxes me as well! :D Glad you liked it

Mumbaiwallah - :D May be I should look for some inspiration in socks?

Keya - :) The third one's about scrambling for a seat on the train

confused - thanks! miss u too! But i'll be seeing you soon

shyam - foodie that you are :D

Nessa said...

I loved all three :-) The metaphors you've used are very nice.. Your silence is like slow death!! I wish you'd write more often, but then again, I usually wish for too much :-D

LAK said...

I liked the womb one--couldn't guess until you stated it!

The ramblings of a shoe fiend said...

nessa - thanks! i'm really trying to write more regularly!

lak - thanks!

kaaju katli said...

Loved 'em all :-)

Bishwanath Ghosh said...

My favourite is poem no. 1 :)