Saturday, December 24, 2005

In my head

Beginnings (so hard)

The first line after a beginning (even harder)

Turns of phrase

Jokes (or so I think)



Awkward middle bits

All sit in my head

Waiting to be chosen

Like a mixed bouquet in the 1.99 bucket at Tesco

Hoping to be bought before it wilts

What use is a wilted, awkward middle bit?


apu said...

I see you've thrown us a bit of a googly...just when I thought I knew what to expect from your blog! Good...unpredictability is more fun :) (And I dont have an answer to what the awkward middle bits are for!)

Falstaff said...

Awkward middle bits are the most important actually, they're the ones you build everything else around, more, they're the reason you build, you create.

Mali&Madhu said...

It's like growing a moustache. The crisp spectacular ends, the downy crowning glory and then the awkward middle bits - can't chop them off, can't leave them in and they always trim diffidently. What then is the way out, you ask? Hear me then, my littlest munckhin and my favouritest of skooshie beans. The secret is to grow a beard and then all parts of the moustache fit in. Grow your beard - no not literally (especially because then I will have to change my mental image of you from my tiny baby to scary werewolf actress). Think a lot more and add a whole new story. Don't cut the flowers into a bouquet but let them grow in the dappled afternoon sun so that they may bloom the next day. If you happend to cut parts off, then no matter for they shall dry and dessicate and yet will fill the air with the delicate afterthought of summer and a memory of the smells of a good long walk even in the midst of a cold, artificially heated, forced-air-steamed winter. In other words, if you have the awkward middle, no fear. Wait a while.

The ramblings of a shoe fiend said...

apu - glad i'm not being predictable... that would be awful

falstaff - i agree - and i think m&m echoes that sentiment rather beautifully in the comment below yours

m&m - lovely. that should be a post on its own