Friday, December 09, 2005

They lay on the cold stainless steel surface. Bodies that once throbbed with life now lay inert and limp.
The sterilised tools of his trade impeccably arranged to his right.
He looked at the fingers. Long and slender.
Like an artist’s he thought.
‘Well not in this lifetime’ he muttered, cutting viciously into them.
Eyes were gouged.
Hearts cut open.
Skin peeled.
Blood mingled with flesh.
He stepped back, surveying the carnage.
‘Everything done?’ a voice barked from behind.
‘Chef, yes Chef’


LAK said...

Terse, good. Made me catch my breath. Shades of Roald Dahl. Ooooh!

San said...

pretty cool :)

Jane Sunshine said...

Hey, you've been watching too much of that F word.

Greg said...

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