Friday, December 09, 2005

After all, tomorrow is another day

Today will be the day I change my life.

‘I will exercise more’ I say to myself as I catch the bus to the station.

‘I will eat the recommended 5 portions of fruit and veg a day’ But let me finish this Mars Bar first.

‘I will start my job hunt today’ I decide. Perhaps I should wait for my bonus.

‘I will control my temper, be more patient’ I vow and silently curse the woman before me as she negotiates stairs, cell phone and wheelie suitcase at the same time.

‘I will watch less television from today’ I promise and settle down for The Simpsons, The F Word and Friends.

‘I will look after my skin’ I pledge and fall asleep with my mascara on.

And tomorrow becomes today.

The day I will change my life.


LAK said...

Yes, but how do we shake ourselves out of this lethargy? What happened to our determination, our will power? ut I do hope you're not feeling depressed.

Jane Sunshine said...

I am guilty of most of these things myself.

WA said...

Why does it sound like you are talking about me here :) Honestly, I have every intention of changing soon.

Pixel8 said...

I am eating chips here, slouching on my chair with a cracked up skin...
thinking i will change tomorrow :P

The ramblings of a shoe fiend said...

No of coffees consumed - 1
No of swear words used - 0

Not bad for a monday morning i think... perhaps today is the day after all

Mridula said...

This could be me too! Happy to see that your day is here.

Olinda said...

Shoefi, reminds me of the Maeve Binchy book of short stories "This Year It Will Be Different", set at, when else, Christmastime.