Monday, March 13, 2006

journey home

on the train


the rim of the platform is edged
with people threatening to spill
over like unshed tears

i stand at the front
of this surging swelling mass
irritated at the triple delay

i see a man
push his way through
edging along the ring

he is close and
the urge to push him
over the yellow line

so intense
that I step back
in to the crowd

the train arrives
and he
gets my seat

and on the bus

blue veins
purple bruises
green eyes
tonight the bus is
a living breathing
pantone card


Falstaff said...

Nice. I like the first two stanzas.

Nessa said...

I thought that only happened in Mumbai!

I love the London tube system.. Planning how to get from point A to point B is a lot of fun for a tourist :)
*Yes, I'm very easy to please* :D

Arun said...

LOL! Expect an ad-woman to come with poetry on pantone cards!

Nice. Enjoyed it!

1$ Saint said...

nice...n yes its pissing off 2 come across ppl like dat...if i were u i wud have pushed him..;)

The ramblings of a shoe fiend said...

Falstaff - thanks. I think I should have stopped after the first two stanzas really.

Nessa - Nope. It happens wherever there is mass transit. And after living here for a year the excitement of travelling by tube has been replaced with ennui

Arun - what can i say... the ad world just won't leave me alone

c not o - I'd be in jail then and making my one phone call to you :P

Tara Alton said...

Love your poem. I added you to my blogroll.