Thursday, March 16, 2006


Dressed in wispy whites, polka dots and resplendent in floral overtures the shop windows of London have decided that spring is upon us. Bikinis worthy of St. Bart’s, peep toed shoes and dresses that would do the wives of Stepford proud beg to be bought. The burgundies and golds of Christmas have been replaced by citrus and the sea. Santa and Rudolph have made way for Malibu Barbie and mopeds. I walk past Miami Beach, The Parisian Left Bank and Marrakech. Names trying to exotify the cheap, Taiwanese garments being hawked.

But this spring blooms only in the glass enclosures covered in fake sand and redolent plastic daffodils. It borders the streets but does not spill in to it.

For on the other side of these Windolened barriers the world is colder. The sun does not shine. The trees are bare - branches sharp and angular like the teeth of a comb housing jaunty hairball nests. Feet blinded by wool socks and boots – denied the views the peep toes promise. The living shrouded in layers of cloth – hiding from the cold.

I hurry on. Fighting the urge to shatter glass and set spring free.


alpha said...

loved your last do come up with gems!

WA said...

Wow Shoefie, that is so nicely written. I have the desperate urge to go and delete my post from yesterday, this is too good.

... said...

I envy you...I don't mind being in a cold place right now.

Very well written.

Nessa said...

I find myself agreeing with Alpha :)

Anjali said...

Lovely ... very vividly written.

MumbaiGirl said...

How true, how true. Yesterday I read some advice on how to reconcile the spring in the shops with the winter outside. Layering. Bah, as if we weren't doing that already....and I don't see the point, everything gets covered anyway under a giant winter coat.

The ramblings of a shoe fiend said...

Alpha - Why thank you :) Oh and I understood the meaning of your little couplet :P:P

Wicked angel - No no! Don't delete it I haven't read it

Keya - Hmm there's a saying about grass and bring greener. What I wouldn't do to be in sunnier climes!

nessa, anjali - thanks!

mumbaigirl - layering? waste of time... not only is everything covered by a hulking big coat but one ends up feeling like the michelin tyre man.

1$ Saint said...

colorful.....i say

progga said...

lovely! and I empathize. I'm appalled that though Spring is officially here - after all, spring equinox is over, innit? - the mercury still registers below freezing temperatures... to last for a coupla weeks. AAARRGGGHHHH.