Friday, March 10, 2006

Seven sans Brad and Morgan

OK. I’ve been tagged. This is the last tag I am going to do. Please note that from today this blog is a tag free zone. Those that continue to tag me will be hunted down and forced to watch the movies on my ‘7 good movies’ list on loop for a year. Thank you.

Seven things to do before I die

· Walk the Inca trail
· Use my breasts to promote world peace
· Actually mean it when I say My other shoes are Manolos
· Win the lottery
· Write the book of the century
· Write, direct and produce a movie about my life (I‘m thinking Jennifer
Aniston plays me)
· Find out who started this whole tag thing and kill them

Seven things I can't do:

· Eat meat
· Not wave my hands about manically when I speak
· Keep quiet for more than 5 minutes
· Find another 4 things I can’t do. I'm a pretty open to new things that way.

Seven things that attract me to Europe (Who the hell came up with these questions)

· Cheese
· Old buildings
· Art I don’t understand but can pretend to (“wonderful use of space and light!”)
· European men I can admire from afar (get too close and you realise it’s true – they do have problems with bathing every day)
· Cheese
· Cheese
· Did I say cheese?

Seven excellent books:

Please refer here

Seven good movies:

· Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure
· Dude where’s my car?
· American Pie
· American Pie II
· American Wedding
· Koodi Vazhnthaal Kodi Nanmai (Live together for much goodness)
· Untitled movie about my life starring Jennifer Aniston


Premalatha said...

I was going to LOL for Use my breasts to promote world peace as the blogger was slow opening the comments, I finished reading and I thought I have to copy all your sentenses and LOL.

Good one for the tired Friday evening.

B o o said...

Your fav movies list was hilarious. You were kidding, right? If not, Wow! Those are my fav too! :)

progga said...

gracias, senora! I like the idea of the movie about your life. And I promise not to tag you again, ever!

Ash said...

I like the new look :) funky !

Falstaff said...

Shoe-fiend: I think you should start a tag that says you shall never do any more tags. That way, the next time someone tags you, you can say: Sorry, but I can't be tagged. You see, I've been tagged.

Arthur Quiller Couch said...

Kind of funny. I'd say you should be writing copy.

Nice look to the page, too. Where can I go to get that in three easy steps? (Two easy steps would be better. Or one)

MumbaiGirl said...

Sigh. Was just thinking about what to tag you with next. Wasn't enough time today to find out EVERYTHING.

shub said...

nice new look! :)
and nice to see a lil 'hatke' tag :D

The ramblings of a shoe fiend said...

Premalatha - :D Glad to be of service!

Boo - No no! Those are very. I was serious. Honest

Progga - :D You're welcome! You'll be invited to the Premier of my film. But only if you don't tag me again!

The ramblings of a shoe fiend said...

ash - Your new look had a lot to do with the change in my template! Thanks

Falstaff - I bow down to your wiseness. Excellent idea. I tag you first :)

arthur - kinda? write copy? :P:P:P
oh and for new template please to go to

Mumbaigirl - I'll answer any question as long as it's not in the form of a tag :)

shub - thanks :D

WA said...

Oh Shoefie please do elaborate on the promoting world peace part, pretty please :)

alpha said...

shufy, I was hoping u'd use me to act as you. That was on my list of things to do before I die...hopefully in the movie there are ample scenes of promoting world peace ad eating cheese. Just don't name it American Pie III considering your likings.

alpha said...

btw, cool template! I approve.

1$ Saint said...

yai.....dude where's my car is my fv 2..hehehehe...

Sujatha said...

Hi SF, need to send you an e-mail. Could you send me your address? Thanks.

The ramblings of a shoe fiend said...

Wicked Angel - That's for another post :) It'll be good I promise

Alpha - why didn't you tell me! jen is out! you're in! you get to eat cheese, promote world peace and wear all 50 odd pairs of my shoes. Title is a secret. And am glad you like the new look.

c not o - :D

Queer said...

Pardon me..but I am so F-ing glad that you like Dude, Where's my car!! I like it too, and whenever I say so, I get weird glances my way.