Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Big Bully?

So are the Terrible Trio (as Jade, Danielle and Jo are being referred to) being racist? Should Channel 4 evict them? Should Big Brother intervene and have a ‘chat’ with them in the eye blinding gold Diary Room?

Having watched a bit of Big Brother this season (more than I will publicly admit to) I will say one thing of the goings on in the house these last few days – it’s disturbing. Would I call it bullying? Is that a preposterous word to use to describe the behaviour of three grown women? Maybe. Maybe not. When three children get together on a school playground and target another child with name calling and whispering, we’d call it bullying wouldn’t we? So far, Shilpa has been called a dog, allegedly been called a Paki (though some say, No no she was just called a cunt. Like that’s any better) and a nightmare.

We can’t expect to get along with everyone. And it’s especially hard when the person on the other side is from a culture you can’t relate to and aren’t making an effort to understand. There are people we like and others we don’t. But when you’re an adult (though I realise it’s quite a stretch to apply that term to Jade) you are expected to know how to deal with the people you don’t like. You do not tell them that they make your skin crawl. So might say they’re all just being honest. Isn’t that better than being two faced and air kissing one minute and sharpening your knife the next? Frankly it isn’t. I’d rather be ignored than be attacked by the likes of Jade Goody.

I can see how Shilpa Shetty might annoy some of the house mates. She tries to be in charge of most things – the kitchen, the shopping etc. But she probably thought to herself, “If I leave things to this lot we’ll all starve to death.”

On the allegations of racism.While they’re definitely being ignorant, stupid and mean, the fact that the person on the receiving end of all this is brown adds a racial undertone to the entire thing. As someone on the news said today ‘If they were making fun of a French girl’s accent they wouldn’t call that racist would they?’

At the end of the day, it's unlikely Channel Four will do much about the whole thing other than make a few cliched 'statements'. They've got exactly what they wanted. After three stars walked out of the show, the whole thing looked like it was going to go belly up. The controversy has given them just what they wanted. Better ratings.

(Note 1:I do think it’s amusing that the girls call Shilpa a fake when the three of them put together have enough surgically enhanced body parts to create a new person.)

(Note 2:Yesterday, Jade repeatedly shrieked that Shilpa was a liar and a fake. Our Shetty replied with a toss of hair 'You're only claim to fame is this show. What does that say?' Ah the joy of television!)

(Note3: This just in from 30in2005.)


ammani said...

Excellent. I'm also not too comfortable calling it racist attack. Bullying, yes. Racist, don't know.

Shilpa seems pretty good at comebacks. Remember when that wimp Jack (who, according to one reviewer 'is incapable of basic facial expressions') told Shilpa that she'd have to pick out floating bits out of the toilet bowl with her teeth and she bit back with 'there's a lot more thats he would rather do with her teeth'?

It's great telly and Endemol and C4 seem to have got back the ratings they lost to BBC2's 'Grow your own veg' last week.

Also, the article's by Germaine Greer and not Kunzru. She lost all her credibility by appearing on the very show she thrashed last year (or was it the year before?)

ammani said...

Unrelated. Why do I think Endemol is a Mallu company?

Shyam said...

hahaha @ Ammani's second comment.

Shoof, why did you change your blogskin????

I'm enjoying BB vicariously - and it's probably a lot more fun than watching it live! :)

Falstaff said...

Is it just me, or does anyone else see the irony in expecting adult behaviour from someone on a Reality Show on Television? People, it's television. If TV studios went around evicting people from their shows for being morons they couldn't make reality shows. Or anything much else, for that matter.

Why you people watch this piffle is beyond me.

1$ Saint said... sure big bro is not dat funny as ur blogs...

Terri said...

Just chiming in to say I like the new look; but then, maroon's my fav. color.

And thanks for the nipple info. It will come in handy when I stare at men's chests.

The Kid said...

I am a long time reader/admirer of your blog. But in the last week too many things changed in your blog for me to keep quiet.

First, I liked your previous template better. It had personality and I thought it fit your cyber-personality (shoefiend) better.

Second, you have written about the Big-B 6 times in the new year. I wonder if this season is so particularly interesting. (I am not in the uk)

Something seems odd because I get the feeling the person who wrote "valai osai" and 55 word series, was different. Even the English was different.

Seriously, are there two contributers to this blog?

ram said...

You do realize that its a scripted/outlined TV show don't u?

10 or more people (writer,editor etc) decide what you see on the screen - its funny how ppl take 'reality' TV as reality!

everything follows the principles of dramatics, with character arcs etc... watching 'normal' people would be tooo boring... hence all these "crying" "attacks" "attitudes"

reminds me of how folks in india analysing a character's evilness or decision in selvi/chitti, or fans shouting at screen when rajini gets beaten!

ram said...

and top that with indian govt jumping to shilpa shetty's aid.... *rolling eyes*

mumbaigirl said...

the kid,, it is the same person. She is doing the rest of us a service. We asked her to report on BB...

Szerelem said...

Oh's funny more than anything else. I was going to point you to the Guardian article but you'd already linked to it :P

And I agree with Ammani....bullying - yes, ignorance - sure. Racism - don't know. She's pretty smart though, Shetty. Remember her melodramatic tying Big Brother a rakhi act?

The ramblings of a shoe fiend said...

Ammani - Endemol is a front for the Universal Society of Keralite Togetherness. Now you know :P

Shyam - Just wanted a new look.

Falstaff - Yes, we're all well aware that it's television, people are acting, etc etc. And we watch BB for the same reason we watch Ramarajan films.

Saint - Don't underestimate BB

Terri - Thank you. And most welcome. I'm beginning to think you're behind the new terrisampat blog :P

The Kid - Well, can't please everyone with the look can I! And regarding contributors, styles of writing etc. It would be very odd if I wrote about Big Brother in a style similar to my fiction. Oh and please refer to Mumbaigirl's comment - it's a service I assure you!

Ram - Please to refer to previous comments. It's a show, we watch and we discuss. I blog about it. Simple. Yes, I agree the lengths to which it's now being drawn out is ridiculous. The GOI surely has better things to do. And perhaps I do too!

Szerelem - Ah! Missed the rakhi bit!

WA said...

Keep writing please Shoefie, it is a service indeed. No doubt.

Filmiholic said...

I find the fact that the British and Indian goverments have gotten involved ridiculous.

I note that a few seasons back on The Apprentice when that black woman, the diva whose name escapes me right now, got into a tiff with some Italian-American girl on the show, and accused her of racism, neither Mayor Michael Bloomberg, nor the NYPD, nor even the Rev. Al Sharpton got involved.

These shows are all about a bunch of publicity-seeking people and their egos banging into each other. Given the group on this one (Ken Russell???), how can we be surprised. We should just zap a packet of popcorn in the microwave and sit back and watch the fur fly.

Anonymous said...

I am totally confused who to support on this issue. I know its crazy to be so sensitive on this minor issue.

But, it shows the skin deep intolerance of U.K out of the box. The issue is not who is going to get evicted, the issue is who is supporting Jack and the other bullliers.

I am not convinced to spend much time pondering on this issue but to come to a conclusion of U.K is a developed Westerns country but the idea of racial intolerance is limited.

tpraja said...

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Stefanie Caldwell said...

All I can say is I love The Manolo! The Manolo is sexy, sexy, sexy!

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Anonymous said...

Shilpa Shetty reacts to "Celebrity Big Brother"

After a week of racially incendiary hubbub over Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty, which culminated in the ouster of her most vitriolic competitor last weekend, the actress has been enjoying dominance in the "Celebrity Big Brother" house in the centerpiece of the hit reality show on Britain's Channel 4.

The elegant, graceful Shetty even led a "Moulin Rouge"-type dance performance on the show Jan. 22. She says, “I don’t mind the white man throwing mud in my face as long as I become rich. I have made three crores just sitting in a home. I do not have to go out there and slog for my bread. Thank God for that. It is better to be treated with disrespect and become rich quick rather than be respected and stay poor on 30k after working the whole month. I do not think that race is a problem in Britain. I am a brown-eyed cunt. There is no denying that fact. I am also lazy. I once tried to plagiarise Meryl Streep in a performance.

“I have always been loath to work hard. I do not understand why Similarly, Channel 4, the TV channel that runs "Celebrity Big Brother received thousands of complaints from viewers and had a major sponsor drop out. I steadfastly maintain that I may be the target of racism but hey that is okay. As long as I become rich the easy way I don’t mind if the white man throws mud in my face. This was all a marketing stunt. I like the loutish face of Britain. The British Empire was a great achievement. I was told to go back to the slums since I was dressed like a slut. I do not mind that. My accent has been ridiculed since I can't speak English properly. That is fine as long as I get my three crores. I am here for easy money. I am like a rape victim who wore revealing clothes and ventured out in the dark. I have no intention of quitting the show in protest.

“I did not mind being bullied by Jackiey and Jade, a semi-literate, loud-mouthed pair who thought mocking my Indian accent and calling me "Shilpa poppadom" was funny. IT WAS FUNNY. The English ruled us after all. Now my mommy is running from pillar to post like a money grubbing ho. If I win the contest I will become a truly international celebrity, and it could just be my ticket to Hollywood.”

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