Thursday, January 11, 2007

home sweet home

So the one armed lesbian has been kicked out of the house. If you ask me they should have voted out Jade's boyfriend who doesn't seem to be doing much. (Though he did try to control Jade by telling her her Ma would be alright as she had 'invented' Jade. Yes, Jade Goody does appear to be a scientific experiment gone wrong)

But fear not, Shoopa will have someone to fight with. Danielle (famous for having her Miss. Great Britain title revoked when it was discovered she had slept with a judge) whispered to blondie singer Jo that she thought Shilpa was 'controlling' and that she 'din't like 'er'.

Shoolpa was called a nightmare by one armed lesbian Jackie before she left and spent the rest of the evening under a duvet with her sunglasses on. She has also admitted that she found Dirk sexy and went 'ewww' when someone suggested that Jackie was sexually jealous of her. There goes your one armed lesbian vote bank girl. Tsk tsk. Our girl reportedly described herself as India's Angelina Jolie before entering the house. And I'm George Clooney's wife. Desi Jolie complained to Big Brother that it was cruel to not let her wear any make-up. I'm calling Amnesty right now to report this violation of Bollywood actress rights.

Over and out.


30in2005 said...

Not only did boy wonder Jake/ Jack say that Jade's mother had invented her, he also proved a near hysterical lack of any sense by adding that having 'invented you right makes her twice as braver and OK yeah'!!!

And shoopa is amazing with her half face sunglasses and 'ginger is £1.48, that is a lot, no' spiel. Do you think she knows what £1.48 is or even what ginger is??? After all she thinks Kannadiga is a type of hinduism.

Terri said...

Hi, Shoefie,

You can now find me at Thanks.

Siri said...

He he he wicked! Do you have any takes on the desi copycat Big Boss? I am addict I tell ya! Had blogged abt it long back but I guess I will once again since their deadline of 3 months is coming to a close on 26 Jan :)

The ramblings of a shoe fiend said...

30in2005 - Missed last night's Gita discourse from the Shetty. :(

Terri - Noted!

Siri - We only get to see it on free view!

the mad momma said...

And this my dear students is how a actress who is a flop in India gets herself fame in India and abroad. Enough already... I dont think their PM needs to comment on it.

tpraja said...

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