Wednesday, January 03, 2007

me, myself and shoes

I have been tagged! And seeing that the New Year is but three days old, why be a curmudgeon and refuse?

So here are five things you didn't know about me:

1. When jaywalking I'm always on the left or right of someone else. That way, should a car/truck/malfunctioning wheelchair come flying out of no where someone else will get run over first and I'll have enough time to escape. (Patent pending)

2. I have to read before going to sleep. Even if I get home at 4:00 am (something that happens less and less as I advance in age) I have to read for at least 10 minutes before I shut my eyes.

3. My first crush was a Canadian boy called D.J. I was six. And very chubby.

4. One our first date, my (now)husband and I went to an Italian restaurant. He had some soup and I ate an entire 12 inch pizza. How he still wanted to get married after that is beyond me.

5. When in doubt, I call my Mother.

So there you have it. Useless information about myself. I tag no one at the risk of incurring the wrath of the tag God. Plus, witchy tagged pretty much everyone I know.


Uma said...

LOL @ 4 & 1 :) And oh please less of this advancing in age talk :P

WA said...

BAH I declare blogger has gone crazy! (and no, I didn't mean the blogger Shoefie has gone crazy btw). The above comment is from me WA, not sure why blogger has inserted a different name there

Anonymous said...

Oh man! your writing is so pretentious with so many cliches. And so many people suck up to you. oh wait...baarff! I better leave

Vi said...

Love the last one. When my mom went to India (and I was in NJ) I had to called her to ask how much water she uses per cup of rice. (Needless to say, she wasn't too happy to be woken up at midnight to answer my question.)

And what's with your anonymous stalker? -_-

Charu said...

such fun.... kinda makes me wonder how I got along for so long without knowing these things about you :))

and hey, canadian boys in Chennai - which school did you go to?!!

shub said...

hehe Happy new year shoofs! May the new year bring you loads of new shoes, amongst other things :)
A whole 12 inch pizza? I think he was still reeling under shock when he popped the question :P

1$ Saint said...

i no how u feel abt tags....
but i jus love reading yours...he he ha ha ha (monstrous laff)