Tuesday, January 16, 2007

it just gets better and better

Those of you who thought Jade Goody couldn't possibly sound sillier obviously missed out on last night's show. Big Brother asked contestants to pose a question they had always wanted to know the answer to. Jade wanted to know about eskimos. In particular, how it was possible 'they weren't icy cubes, y'know coz the wither n'all. And 'ow they tok to one nother. Is like dolphins communicate? Do they go mewmewmew to one nother or sumthink?'

Jack her expressionless lump of a mate asked why men had nipples. When big brother answered the question he sat their slouched in the chair with his trademark expression (ie expressionless) and said 'woz any that in English?'

In Shetty news, things get better and better. As the current object of hate for Jade and hair tweaking freak Danielle, Shilpa has emerged as a real, normal person who knows when to fight for herself and when to let others do the talking and look stupid. Inspite of being called a dog and 'just a cook' by certain po face idiots, she's managed to not stoop to their level and retaliate. There by capturing the hearts of television audiences everywhere. Your former display of stupidity regarding Kannadigas and Hindu Feng Shui is forgiven Shetty. Go forth and toss those auburn locks!
This is what Mama Shetty has to say about how her daughter is being treated. (Link via Ammani, who rightly calls it a gripping human drama of epic proportions!!


Terri said...

I object, milord! Why is it so demeaning to call someone a dog? I can't think of a more loyal, loveable or tolerant species.

I also cannot think of why exactly men have nipples. Could someone enlighten me?

Vi said...

Not that this is in any way related to your post, but I liked your old layout better. =P

WA said...

I am starting to like her.

Nice new looks Shoefie. Sorry Vi

Vi said...

Oh, no worries, WA. That's not something you need to apologize for! =]

1$ Saint said...


nice new look btw fiend...

30in2005 said...

Jade is an idiot - and it just goes to show that no amount of money can buy class or even a basic education!!!

Love the new look!

The ramblings of a shoe fiend said...

Terri - Because I don't think Danielle had any of those qualities in mind when she called Shilpa a dog.


I hope that answers the question!

vi - :) I liked it too, but wanted a change!

WA - She's doing rather well for herself isn't she? And thanks!

Saint - Thanks

30in2005 - Did you see the report on NDTV today? And thank you!

s said...

ROTFL stuff when Jack's question was answered with some chromosomal references and he asked..."eh does that mean we were girls before we were boys"!! LOL...classic...no wonder he's a good pair to Jade. my somali neighbour's cat has better IQ than those two!!