Monday, January 08, 2007

in the mad house

At the behest of Witchy, an update on what's happening in the house.

1. Blonde haired (apparent) rock singer Donny (or is it Danny) Tourette has jumped over the wall and escaped the house because he didn't want to serve Jade Goody and her family.

2. Ken Russell, ageing film director and super loud snorer has also left, post fighting with Jade and her wonderfully weird Ma Jackie over cheese and biscuits or some other matter of great importance.

3. Jackie Goody and Shilpa have had words! I was worried that Shilpa would induce herself and millions of television viewers in to a coma with her boringness. But Ms Shetty showed all signs of being alive by asking Jackie to call her by her name and not Princess. Since then, Jackie has been calling Shilpa the following: Shoopa, Shipa, Shulpa, Nss and OI (my favourite!)

4. Jade Goody is horrified her Mother is shooting her mouth off all the time and cried to Big Brother about it. Perhaps she should watch Big Brother Season 2 again.

5. Jade asked Germaine Jackson: a) If the reason Michael kept changing his appearance was because of psychological or mental problems. b) If Michael was bankcrupt and c) if Germaine was proper full black or half.

6. Shilpa has claimed that she never speaks from her head. Only from her heart. Which is good. Poor dear might try the former and realise she hasn't got much up there. She also claims to have never fought with anyone in her life and that it's awful she's come all the way to the UK and done it on national telly. Tsk stk. So hard this fame stuff. She also told other housemates that Kannadiga was a religion like Islam or Christianity and that Hinduism was made up of lots of religions like Kannadiga. And people say television can't be used to educate.

That's about all I can manage for today. Over and out.


DoZ said...

Heh-heh...Karthik and I are avid, if remote followers of the Indian Big Brother, er, Bigg Boss. Rakhee Sawant has the most fascinating things to say. Clearly, I need to add the UK version to my list of shows to watch - you never get such good stuff at the religion classes at the New York temple...

B o o said...

And the only BB UK I followed was the one with Jade in it! I was "fortunate" enough to be in the UK then. So shes a celebrity now, huh? WOW! You should keep the updates coming for my sake too! ;)

Premalatha said...


Update yourself. There is a perfume made after (by?) Jade and I have heard that it is a huge success, apparently. :)

(Did you watch the (in)famous scene by Jade? that was the only episode I watched (wow:D ) in the series and watched few epiosdes of Anushka and co BB. )

Hi shufi,
Happy watching BB and shilpa. :)

WA said...

ROTFL, Thanks for the wonderful round up Shoefie, can we expect regular updates please, its hilarious :)

anantha said...

Shoefy: You should understand one thing! WA is one big vetti! Why do you want to join her club by pandering to her whims and fancies? Too much only.

But the only thing I am waiting for is the odd PIL or two that is going to be filed at the sessions court at Jhumritalaya or Ongole condemning Shilpa Shetty's continued (indecent) exposure of her surgically altered probocis, which IMHO was just fine in Baazigar, but went into Rastapopolus territory soon afterward!

Also her definition of Kannadiga just proves that Bollywood actresses ought to keep their mouth shut, lest the time wasted by their teachers and instructors 20 years ago comes into the open. Looks like no one told her that Aishwarya's mutterings in between her giggles on David Letterman and Oprah were not exactly clever.

Sujatha Bagal said...

Isn't Shilpa Shetty from Karnataka? I thought she was from Mangalore.

WA said...

Anantha, naan vettinnu nee solre! Ellam neram. BTW 2nd paragraph la edho solreeye, could you translate that into regular inglish please.

anantha said...

Sujatha: Yes.... Shilpa and Aishwarya (you can add Suneil Shetty to that list too) are from Mangalore. I think all three are from a Tulu speaking community.

The ramblings of a shoe fiend said...

Doz - Ahh! more fans! excellent... we get Bigg Boss on free view sometimes and I must say if I could vote Rakhee would get mine!

Boo - With pleasure!

Premalatha - Thank you!

WA - Of course, I now have a legit excuse to see what they're all up to.

Anantha - I would do this for anyone - for you too! And reg. Ms. Shetty's nose... I think that's the least of her problems!

Sujatha - She mentioned Bunts, Mangalore, Shetty, Religion, Islam, Hinduism. Take your pick!

Prerona said...

Happy New Year !!! :)

WA said...

OMG OMG hope you are gonna write about today's events, especially about the 'dilemma' part. LOL

1$ Saint said...

since we don get big brother here....plz have a daily update...lolz