Friday, January 12, 2007

Wisdom from the house

A-Team wisdom courtesy Dirk Benedict

"The secret to life is saying goodbye."

I wonder what Mr. T would say?


WA said...

Man I am getting addicted to this programme, its hilariously stupid

San said...

Okay so I catch clips and hear the low down on Radio 1 and i'm seriously shocked with the way Shilpa is being treated. Whatever i think of her movies etc she doesn't deserve the kind of treatment she is getting - it's childish and petty. I'm glad she isn't retaliating, and i'm glad that Jade has been dumped by a bullying charity as their representative!

It's so obvious now that people are more racist than I'd previously thought. yeah racism has always been around but it's far more evident now

Channel 4 are stupid enough to just call Shilpa a victim of girly jealousy because its blatently more then that!

Oh and I was one of those who complained to Channel 4 & tv watchdog.