Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Happy Garden Gnome Day

The Italian Government has just passed a law setting aside October 2nd as Grandparents' Day. This is apparently an effort to honour grandparents who are integral to helping raise children and passing on age-old traditions.

Now it's a lovely thought. My own grandmother was a very important part of my life. But I can't help think that this too will one day become a Hallmark monopolised media circus. Oh wait, that's already happened. Apparently, The Italian Goverment will also be handing out 'best grandparent' prizes to those senior citizens who have made the most contribution to their family and society. I wonder what they'll get - free dentures and a year long subscription to Life at 80+?

If only Governments would spend time and money on senior citizen health and welfare instead of yet another meaningless day that no one will remember next year.

Also, here are some of my own suggestions for Happy ____ Day Celebrations.

1. Garden Gnome Day - come rain or shine they're out their in our gardens looking ugly
2. Silicon Implant Day - celebrating the miracles of modern science in anti-gravity studies
3. Survivors Day - for those who have battled and survived botched boob jobs, freak DIY accidents and incidents involving super glue

Suggestions are welcome


alpha said...

We actually created a 'Put brakes on Fatalities' at my company and it got recognized by the US govt. It's a day where you are supposed to drive safely. Well, other days I'm sure people dont care abt their lives that much!

krishna rautela said...

in lighter vain..
the day when indian cricket team wins a tournament final... surely it is almost once in a year... ( maybe in zimbawe this time)