Friday, August 05, 2005

What to do?

My boss is out till 2:00 and my art partner called to say he's not coming in. This is the perfect Friday. I've flitted from blog to blog, left comments and resisted the call of Marc Jacob shoes on ebay. And now I don't know what to do.

Perhaps I should practise the great Indian rope trick.

Does anyone know what the great Indian rope trick is?

Apparently the Western Paragliding Association do. Huh?


ammani said...

The great Indian rope trick was just a fantasy conjured up by someone. A ruse to sell exotica. There was an entire book about the origins and growth of this myth.
Have a good weekend.

TomCruiseChellumm said...

The Great Indian Ropetrick -- is just a ropetrick.
One of their inherent qualities is that ropes do not have vertebrae and therefore cannot stand straight.
The trick consists in imparting the essence of the vertebrae and make them stand straight.
That is stage 1.
In stage 2, the trickster will use superior grade vertebrae and impart a quality which will enable the rope to acquire a degree of strength which in turn will accommodate the trickster climbing up and getting down.
Later the qualities temporarily passed to a rope are withdrawn.
End of SHow.
So what is the essence of the vertebrae and how is it imparted?
The essence of vertebrae is no different from the essence of chicken so extensively used in Koolinary Extravaganzas.
Up until this I have sufficient clarity.
I am off to Varanasi (Benares) tomorrow to learn the rest of the procedures and the proper incantations from that famous Guru Swami Rameswarananda Avadhoota Theertha Bahadurji

TomCruiseChellumm said...

TomCruiseChellum writing from Varanasi where he is on a quest to unravel the secrets of the Great Indian Rope Trick. The good news is that he has met with his spiritual master Guru Swami Rameswarananda Avadhootha Theertha Bahadoorji and has perusaded him to accept his as his student (sishya-chela-vidyarthi) The course is on and TomCruiseChellum is confident of returing to Chennai with the right knowledge. Meanwhile Swamiji was impressed by the possibilities of the Blog and is examining the ways in which the Rope Trick can be taught through e teaching methods. Pl await blogs from the Great Guruji Himself on this and other assorted spiritual and secural matters