Monday, August 01, 2005


murderous in bombay. 972 people. thousands of animals. i refuse to conform to the rule of 3.
non existant in chennai. a source of livelihood to thousands of corrupt metro water lorry drivers. back doctors. and little boys who will carry your kodams for 5 rupees.
threatening in london. will it. won't it. an overcast sky that teases like some bar dancer. showing tantalising glimpses of the blue sky beneath.


TomCruiseChellumm said...

TomCruiseChellum is still smarting under the great disrespect shown to his comments by the Jhoothawali on the blog called birds. ((Readers will not that 2 comments have been deleted. Both from the undersigned)
Balasaheb could have sung
Rain rain go away
Little Bala wants to play

brahmanan said...

well- written. its a long time since kodams overflowed in chennai.

J. Alfred Prufrock said...

Ummm ... nice blog, lady.

Two questions.

1 - what IS a kodam?

2 - If you live in London, why do you spell 'non-existent' the American way?

Nice touch about the London skies. Almost Pink Floyd, somehow.'


TomCruiseChellumm said...

Kodam is a water pot. In the old days it used to be made of clay. But nowadays the plastic variety is preferred in the water starved city of Chennai. Kodams come in many colours and sizes. But the most popular size is one which accomodates about 15 litres of water.

The ramblings of a shoe fiend said...

since tom cruise chellam has answered the question regarding kodams i shall answer no 2 - i've just been here 9 months it'll take a while for me to get their spellings and stick my pinky finger out when i sip my 'taay'

TomCruiseChellumm said...

Excuse me la
Is Pink Floyd related to Pink Panther?