Monday, August 01, 2005


"Why does it rain?"

"Why do I have to go to school?"

"Why do I have to do march past?"

"Why can't I go out with my friends tonight?"

"What's wrong with talking to boys?"

"Who cares what your relatives think?"

"How will calculus help me in life?"

"Why is pre marital sex taboo?"

"If we ever go back to India will we have to live with your parents?"

"Would you raise your children abroad?"

"Why haven't you had children yet?"

"Why do you ask so many questions?"


ammani said...


Here's something that might be of interest.
The screenings are free and I plan to attend them.

TomCruiseChellumm said...

As ammani says interesting. Let me add interesting la.
A long time ago I boarded the Metropolitan at Aldgate(?) along with another Pattar from Mumbai who was my colleague. We had the distinguished company of an English drunk. He had only one question "Why dont you go back to your country?", but he kept repeating it all the way upto Baker Street.
He never got a reply from us nor I suppose he was expecting one

TomCruiseChellumm said...

Some questions are like that only (like that drunk's) In fact TCC remembers on old English essay (Bacon?) which starts off like this "What is truth?", asked Pilate but did not wait for an answer.
Who was Pilate? (Sorry another question) I think he was the Public Prosecutor in the Trial of Jesus Christ and who in my Mallu language is referred to as Pilathose
Like Peter is Patrose