Wednesday, September 06, 2006

55 trapped words

She has a secret notebook full of favourite words. Sassafras. Zanzibar. Vetiver. The exotic and the mundane. Real and created. Whiffling. The known and unknown. Icarus. Calendula. She dares not say them aloud for they may escape. Serendipitous. So they are kept in a leather clad prison, between the horizontal bars of each ruled page.

And something silly I wrote on the train.

the sun
like yellow gum
drops dissolves on my skin


n said...

imprisoned words. lovely.
and u really did inspire :)

Miss Frangipani said...

I've got a secret notebook too - for words, stray perfect sentences that float before my eyes and disappear...verses that seem to fall into place just as my eyes shut firmly at night...

There's a secret notebook under the bed close within reach, another one in the deep recesses of my handbag... it's a lifesaver :)

DoZ said...


I agree about Zanzibar and Calendula... I just love the way they sound. And also Vetiver - can't read the word without thinking of the smell...thinking about it right now reminds me of home and mom and all things senti...

I used to think that Serendipity had to be the most beautful word ever. Then watched damn movie of same name. Can't help saying / thinking that word without shuddering now :(

noon said...

Nice one about the words.
I read a poem on imprisoned words written by someone which I really liked. Will post it on my blog site(so as to not clog your comments space). It's a feeling people can relate to I think...

Itchingtowrite said...

can relate to this post. many of us may hav our favorite words which we r unable to use due to lack of a chance to do so. they say words die if they are not used... think of words like thou & thy... unheard & probably on the way to expiry

That Squirrel said...

:) I thought I was the only one with the weird habit of writing down words in a notebook. But I just love some words! Like twilight or provocative or Aquamarine. I have a whole list of them. I even write down baby names! hehe. Check out my blog when you's a post to start with:

The ramblings of a shoe fiend said...

n - :) thanks!

Mumbaiwallah - et tu? sometimes these lines pop up in very inconvenient places though - boring meetings and half way through movies :)

Doz - Don't you love the smell of Vetiver? I burn copious amounts of the incense. And yes, I have had the memory of Serendipity the movie surgically removed from my brain.

Noon - Looking forward to reading it.

itchingtowrite - that's such a sad thought. I here by launch a save the word campaign! Use a favourite word a least once a day!

Wolfgang - Aquamarine. That was my favourite colour when I was younger :)

The ramblings of a shoe fiend said...

Wolfsong - sorry about calling you Wolfgang in that comment. *hangs head in shame*

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