Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Ready, steady, charity 2

S's three words: Maida, Surya, bucket

The overturned bucket was pushed up as close to the wall as possible. She stood on it, picking up and shaking each identical dabba that sat in a row like shiny, stainless steel sentinels until she found what she was looking for.

Squatting down on the living room floor she measured out three cups of maida. The news competed with her mother-in-law’s gaseous emissions and her own day’s headlines for attention. She sprinkled salt over the flour. Twenty men dead from drinking illicit country liquor. She slowly added water and began kneading. Her daughter had failed in maths again. Centre refuses to interfere in State’s water shortage. Her kneading fell in to beat with the news readers staccato delivery. Her mother-in-law wanted to know what Deepavali bakshanam they were making. Teachers go on strike in Machilipattinam. A month in advance. Her hands were pummelling the dough now. Her husband had said they couldn’t afford a new colour television this year either. She whacked the ball of dough viciously. Actor Surya marries Jyotika in a star studded ceremony. She froze holding the basin in her hands. As images of the beatific couple flashed across the screen a lone tear travelled down her cheek.


Paithyam paithyam. If you wanted a new television that badly you should have said something - not throw things at it. Che! What’s come over you?”


S said...

great:-)) ...portrays a typical MC household characters. A great episode for one of todays mega serials...:-)))

smallfontkuttebaspam said...

Maida reminds me of how the lady of my house used a hammer to break up a big lump of vellam. She broke the vellam up alright and as a bonus, got a broken tile -- when it had just been laid only a few days back. To hide the damage, she used a big wad of maida gum and stuck into the floor and walked over it a few times to give it a sufficiently grimy look

noon said...

:) Nice. Can imagine the woman stopping at the Surya news! :)

Gauravonomics said...

An attempt on the three words in fifty-five fiction:

Buy a five kilo pack of Surya Maida and get a bucket free!

The maida was almost twice as costly as her usual brand but she like the buckets.

Garib Mohan returned from work that evening and found six new buckets in the bathroom.

At dinner, she told him –

Now we will eat naan everyday!