Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Ready, steady, charity 3

Apu's words: Graffiti, blimp, seersucker

It was almost funny, his dying like that. A mid-air collision between a blimp in the shape of a Weenie Weiner and his hot air balloon. The tabloids had had a field day; ‘Actor killed by giant Weiner’. ‘Mid-air cock up’ and the like had dominated the headlines until they discovered a sixty year old Oscar winner in bed with an underage rent boy. And just like that, he had been forgotten. She missed him. For all his philandering and drinking he’d been a good husband by the industry standards. He’d given her a 20 room mansion in Bel Air, furs and a private jet. But most of all he’d given her his name. A name that got her a table at Maison, store credit at Bergdorf’s and free drinks at Chi. She was nothing now. Nobody. They’d said they were full up at the Whiltshire Spa the other day. Full up! They’d cancelled that Welsh girl once to put her in. And now they were full up.

She stepped in to her walk in and let her finger tips trail over the silken creations that hung there. Oscars 98. Golden Globes 2005. She’d made it to the best dressed list that year. But she already knew what she was going to wear. She’d decided last night.

She glided in to the ensuite and sat down on the Louis XVIII chair. How would she do it? A simple straight line or something more elaborate? His name perhaps? Scrawled across her arm like graffiti.

LA Post, January 25th, 2006

“_____ found dead in bathroom”

The widow of Hollywood legend _____ was found dead in her bathroom last night by staff. Police are calling it suicide. A former dancer, Mrs. _____ was a patron of the arts and was on the committee of a number of charities. A regular front rower at fashion week, she had a dramatic sense of style but chose a simple, cotton seersucker dress for her final performance. She is survived by her dog Alohonse.


Ravages said...

* bows *

Ravages said...

* bows *

scarecrow said...

nice work and nice cause too...
and plz fill in the blanks also, my grey cells can't track them..

n said...

sad story for a happy cause

Anonymous said...

very nicely done!
hey, btw do u know archana-anjana from a'dhabi?


Gauravonomics said...

An attempt on the three words in fifty-five fiction:

He had blimped out lately and - when he reached out for the pimples that dotted his face like graffiti - his paunch hung under his short seersucker shirt.

She wondered why she was still with him, but when he asked her in his baritone –

Day-dreaming again?

- she felt herself moisten and remembered why.